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  • "One size fits all" not necessary - provide custom and turnkey solutions
  • Low cost structure and low cost solutions
  • More than 15 years streaming experience
  • Content protection and password protection available - make sure your competition doesn't change your words
  • Our professional team has more than 50 years combined
  • Provide studio and Internet services since 1998 - we know what we are doing
  • 1,000 and 4,000 ft2 streaming studios located in Norcross, GA - flexibility to include live audiences
  • Stream anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world
  • Over 10,000 hours producing engaging content since 1998
  • Professional cameras, sets, and production - your viewers will remember your message rather than how you looked
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Our production team is knowledgeable and experienced. We work collaboratively with you to develop the most effective video presentation to suit your needs.

At Profitability Revolution Paradigm, the name of the game is creativity and effective solutions. We specialize in out of the box thinking and we are always up for a challenge. If you can think it, we can do it.

Profitability Revolution Paradigm operates a fully functioning internet broadcast studio. We offer several top notch production studios with a wide range of capabilities.

Whether your needs are for a production designed to deliver a message in a talk show format or you have a product or system to present and demonstrate, we can get the job done for you.



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In today’s world, the Internet is, for lack of a better word, the ‘Wild Wild West’ of content. People are constantly putting material out there which in many cases can then be copied, rewritten, reformatted and rebroadcast and in many cases to the detriment of the original broadcaster and their message.

At Profitability Revolution Paradigm, we offer our clients secure streaming services using the latest encryption technology to ensure that your message is controlled exclusively by you and is only delivered where you want it and in the format and content that you originally intended.


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Hosting a television program or on-going training program of your own is often thought of as glamorous, a way to fame, and a dream for many people. What does it take to make that dream come true? What does it take to have a successful Internet Television show? What does it take to broadcast training programs successfully on the Internet? Here are seven questions to ask yourself before you begin. Your answers will help you create and host a successful Internet television show or training program.

1. Why have an Internet Television Show or Training Series?
In a word, access. With the Internet, you can reach anyone, anywhere, on any device worldwide that is connected to the internet. With the proper set up, your audience can be mobile and watching your program - at their convenience. Your audience can watch you live. Or, if it isn’t convenient for them, they can watch your program on-demand - even if it is 3 AM Sunday morning. In fact, more people watch programs on demand rather than watch them live. With on-demand programming, your audience has the peace of mind that they can get your valuable information whenever they want to receive it. They don’t have to worry about missing a live program. This means higher viewership and higher potential revenues for you.

2. Why do you want to host an Internet Television Show or Training Series?
Know why you want your own show. It takes work, preparation, and consistency to have a successful program. Sometimes it feels like work rather than fun. You’ve got to be passionate about your show - and not only when it’s new. You’ve got to bring the same excitement and passion to your100th show as you did to your first. Your audience senses your passion so if you get less passionate, they will too. And, if your audience stops caring, you won’t have a show for long. So, why are you doing this? Are you looking to help your audience? Teach them something? Help them be more successful? Why you want to do this is often the theme for your program. If you’re in it just to make money, you will often fail.

3. Can you capture an audience?
Do you have something to say that is interesting, compelling, and will make people come back for more? Every successful program, whether on radio, television, successful author, or newspaper columnist, captures peoples’ attentions. Their audience “can’t wait” for the next program, book, or article. Their audience “talks about the program” to friends who tune in or read the book. Think about the things that would make you come back to watch time and time again. Can you do this?

4. Can you commit the time it takes to prepare and broadcast a program?
If your program is 15 minutes per week, plan on spending an hour per week preparing content. If you have guests, you will need to prepare your guests. Get the questions you will ask them in advance and go through their answers before the broadcast.
If you are hosting your own program without guests, what visuals will you use to capture the audience’s attention? Will there be graphics, power points, or other visuals to enhance your program? A viewer looking at you for 15 minutes, and only you, generally makes for a poor show. Think about the television shows you watch - there is always something visual in addition to the host. You need to capture and hold your audience’s attention. That takes visual enhancements.
As a general rule it takes 3 to 4 hours of preparation time for each one hour of broadcasting time. This can be done by you or your team.

5. Can you do the program in a professional manner?
There is a big difference between capturing video on your mobile device and putting it on the Internet and a professional, controlled studio environment. People “put up with” a short video on YouTube. They probably will not “put up with” 30 or 60 minutes video that is recorded with your mobile device. You must look the part if you want to build an audience and you want your audience to take you seriously
You need a professional studio to broadcast your program. You want to look good and your want your environment to look good. When this happens your viewers pay attention to your content rather than fixating on how you or your guests look. Or, they quickly acknowledge the set and background and then pay attention to the information you are giving them. The set, the background, and how you look quickly fade from their minds because it is what they expect to see. They will pay attention to your message rather than thinking about your appearance or your environment.

6. Can you protect your content?
The Internet is the wild, wild west. Make sure that no one can download the information you are broadcasting. You don’t want your content chopped up, edited, and the wrong message ending up on YouTube... put thereby one of your competitors. You don’t want your intellectual property stolen.
Make sure that your content is streamed rather than downloaded. This means that nothing resides on the user’s computer, tablet, or mobile device. When your programs are streamed, your audience can’t steal it and pass it to their friends - free of charge. And, unless your viewers have streaming capabilities and a great technology background, they can’t copy it, change your words and meaning, or sell it. Make sure your program can be password protected if you want that option. This is a good way to ensure that only the people you want to see your material actually see it. Of course, you can’t prevent a viewer from giving your password to a friend. However, you have much more control over who sees your program when it is password protected.

7. How do you make your Internet Television show or training program profitable?
It is much cheaper to start a show or training program on the Internet than starting it on broadcast television. However, there are still costs involved. How are you going to pay for those costs? Will you get sponsors and advertisers? Will you charge your audience to watch the programs?
Sponsors and advertisers want to know how many people are watching your program. This is how they evaluate whether they should advertise. Make sure that you can get viewer statistics from your shows - whether they are watched live or on-demand.

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